The Thought of the week - Nathanaël Beumier

The purpose of these weekly meditations is twofold, the first is to encourage us, to comfort us, to raise us up, to instruct us, the second is to impel us to action.


I am deeply convinced that accepting to leave our comfort zone to do something that God asks of us through His Word and that makes us feel uncomfortable, is a very good way, if not the only way, for us to have an impact on the world around us.


This book will have a powerful impact in the lives of those who will put these few biblical thoughts into practice in their lives.


A word about the author:


Nathanael Beumier and his wife Isabelle served as pastors of a local church for over 16 years,now for some time they have been running a traveling ministry, traveling from church to home group, attending conferences and seminars in Europe and beyond. Atlantic with the only purpose of encouraging the body of Christ through preaching, praise & worship and words of knowledge ...

The Thought of the week - Nathanaël Beumier

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