Healing a Life style Christine Beumier

Do you want to strengthen your faith?

Would you like to benefit from teaching which will lead you to divine healing?

If you answered ‘yes’ –
then you’re reading the right book!

    Throughout this book you will discover how we are favoured through our relationship with Jehovah Rapha.

    The study of the biblical accounts of Jesus’ healing ministry is accompanied by up-to-date testimonies that demonstrate how Jesus is still at work, even today.

    This book will undoubtedly strengthen your faith, permitting you to avoid the stumbling-blocks surrounding the subject of divine healing.

    God desires that we should be ready to receive His healing, and then, be prepared to testify to His love towards those who are in need, that they too,  may be healed.

    Enjoy reading the book and enjoy putting it into practice.


Healing a Life style Christine Beumier

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