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31 Keys about Prophecy Pierre Beumier

The aim of this book, “ 31 KEYS ABOUT PROPHECY ” , is to help you discover the rightful place  of prophecy  in both the Bible and in the Christian life.


You will meditate on the following themes :


·      The gift of prophecy.

·      The prophetic ministry.

·      Dreams and visions.

·      The effect of the prophetic word.

·      Praise and prophecy.

·      Prophecy and the glory.

·      Prophecy and intercession.

·      How to recognize false prophets.


My prayer is that reading this book will enrich you and enable you to enter into your heritage; that which belongs to the children of Abraham, an inheritance obtained by JESUS through His death and His resurrection.


About the author


For many years now, the Lord has laid on Pierre’s heart the following vision:

Teams of French-speaking servants of God, composed of three generations,

(Joel 2/28 and Acts 2/17), travelling to different countries on all five continents: -


·      To announce the Gospel  through music (evangelization and prophetic praise) and preaching with the exercising of the spiritual gifts.

·      To make newly converted people into disciples.

·      To plant new churches.

 The vision is based on the multiplication of the five ministries

 (Ephesians 4/11 and 2 Timothy 2/2).


It also wishes to be of service for the edification of the Body of Christ.


31 Keys about Prophecy Pierre Beumier

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